Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting the swing of tweeting and Lucy in the Morning

This is my dog Lucy. I snapped this early in the morning. She hates getting up pre-10:30 so she gives me looks like this.... "Why would anyone have the audacity to get up this early!?!??!?!"

Now... on to Twitter..

At first I thought... how could this Twitter thing really be effective...? I just don't get how simple status updates could be interesting...

Now that I'm following nearly 1,000 people and have nearly 500 people following me, I get it! It's really cool! Twitter is a really neat social networking tool that simply simplifies! There is no congestion, no convoluted profiles to sift through, just fleeting thoughts! Twitter seems to capture what we are today.... e-freaks with limited attention spans. I have always had issues with attention so this is just what I need.

1 comment:

  1. Hi!!! Cute doggie, she doesn't look impressed!!
    Hey you should add the Etsy widget to your website, for anyone who comes here can see your jewelery too! See you on etsy!