Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Dream...

More and more I'm realizing I don't want to work in an office... office life is really not for me! Working 9 to 5 is such a drag.... being glued to a computer all day is such a drag... it's all such a drag!!!!!!!

So this is what I want in life.... a LIFESTYLE CAFE. My friend Bessie came up with the idea.... I am really into having my own cafe but I'm also really into having my own craft store so why not both?

I want to open a mishmash of everything!!! This place will be a shop and also a cafe with healthy salads and unhealthy indulgences alike!

I want a wall of books in the back... a take one leave one wall... you must read a book, write your name, age, date and location on the inside and leave it on my shelf to get another!

There will be wine sold here... no expensive wines just affordable and delicious.

There will be weekly craft sales on my front lawn (if I am lucky enough to have a shop/cafe with a lawn) and people can come to sell their creations and gather and share!!!!!

This is what I want in life... hopefully someday I'll have the money to make this happen!

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