Monday, March 16, 2009

I'd like to know more about monkeys...

... if you are constantly telling yourself that, I've compiled a list of random monkey facts you may or may not know.....

  • Monkeys are most easily distinguished from apes by their tails. Apes have no tails.
  • Monkeys express affection and make peace with others by grooming each other
  • Most monkeys eat both animals and plants. Some also eat dirt.
  • Monkeys peel their bananas and do not eat the skins.
  • Howler monkeys are the loudest monkeys. Their howls can be heard for about two miles in the forest and almost three miles in an open area.
  • Monkeys don't catch colds
  • Orangutans aren't monkeys but they are photogenic so I included their photos.
  • Monkeys are often offended if stared at.

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